Monday, August 20, 2012

BrightHouse TDX or SIP Trunk Settings

I know this is not out there on Google any where or if it is, I have not found it (yet).

Below is how to setup a Trixbox PBX server to work with a BrightHouse TDX or SIP trunk.

In this case, I am setting this up for my mother's business.

BrightHouse came in and setup a second cable modem that is strictly for VoIP traffic. It is a 50 by 10 (50MB download, 10MB upload) and comes free with the TDX service. I would love to put the internet this pipe, but if I do, BrightHouse will start charging $250+ a month. In other words, DON'T DO IT.

Anyway, back to the setup. BrightHouse will need an IP address from your internal network. You will also receive a proxy IP address from BrightHouse.
After all the new equipment has been setup, you will need to change the default gateway on your Asterisk (TrixBox in my case) to the internal IP address that you gave BrightHouse.

Now to the fun stuff. Create a new trunk with the below settings. Change the text that is in RED for your setup.

SIP Trunk Settings:

General Settings:
Outbound Caller ID: Your Phone Number or the number you want displayed on the caller ID
Never Override CallerID: Leave Unchecked
Maximum channels: Leave Blank
Dial Rules: Leave Blank
Outbound Dial Prefix: Leave Blank

Outgoing Settings:
Trunk Name: BH9999 or something that makes it easy for you to identify the phone number
PEER Details:

host=BrightHouse Proxy Address

Incoming Settings:
USER Context: Leave Blank
USER Details: Leave Blank

Register String: YOURNUMBER@ BrightHouse Proxy Address /YOURNUMBER

And that is it. All you have to do now is how you want inbound and outbound calls handled.

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